The Hunters of the Dead

The Hunters of the Dead are a sub-group of the Divine Legions of Pelor that specialize in hunting/fighting the undead.


  • Squad (12 soldiers, 1 sergeant)
  • Platoon (3 squads, 1 lieutenant)
  • Company (5 platoons, 1 captain)
  • ???
  • Led by a general (L18)

There has been controversy surrounding their hiring of necromancers (in other countries – not in Verano) to train their forces more effectively.

Typical squad makeup:

  • 1 paladin, L5 (sergeant)
  • 3 clerics (L1-3)
  • 3 paladins (L1-3)
  • 6 fighters (L1-3)

Lieutenants are around level 8, captains around level 10. It is not commonly seen for the ranks to advance much past L10, as with most NPCs, although it might happen in the build-up to a campaign, e.g.

The Hunters of the Dead

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