Capital city of Verano. The Shining City, the Endless Summer – an epic spell, cast at its founding, keeps the weather in the city and just outside it perpetually warm for the subsequent 1000 years.

City is shaped like a sunburst — 5-mile radius city walls, with sunburst-like extensions for an additional two miles towards the four cardinal directions. The warm weather effect is 7 miles in radius, so there are four quadrants of farmland that stay warm all of the time. (Not all crops can be grown in such conditions, but some do quite well.)

The king is nominally the municipal ruler of Sunburg, but traditionally he delegates this to his castellan, who effectively serves as an unelected mayor.

Sunburg was built in 0 AUC, and indeed the Timeline abbreviations (Ab Urbe Condita/Pre Urbe Condita) refer to its building. Prior to this year, the various regions of Verano were just a collection of city-states and petty fiefdoms; the Founders’ vision united them into a single nation, and built Sunburg to serve as its capital (since no region would accept another pre-existing city as the capital).


Sunburg was founded by Ambrosius, the first king of Verano. He was part of a party that defeated (NPC snow queen – Uttercold) and ended her perpetual winter. (Not Elsa.) His queen, Etain, was known as the Summer Queen; the third faithful member of their party, Aurelius, was a solar who sacrificed himself to end the (snow queen)’s winter, and whose life energy (centered on a temple of Pelor at the exact center of the city) keeps the surrounding land in a perpetual early-summer state. As a result, only crops that do not rely on the seasons can grow there; but they grow there all year round.


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