Born 290 AUC, Ascended 397.

Ramzebak was a militant land-trust druid. He specialized in (ab)use of the Wild Shape special ability, eventually adopting the moniker the Midnight Howl, and becoming the leader of a movement to limit the destruction of the natural world.

He maintained an extended charade to the Razicecezodi family, presenting as Desc Razicecezodi’s wife. As a consequence, he is a mentor to Skarvan Desc.

At the conclusion of Falls the Shadow he attained a full measure of divinity.
(Druid/Master of Many Forms/Warshaper/Nature’s Warrior)

As Deity

May be referred to as “Ramzebak” or “The Midnight Howl.”

Domains: War, Retribution, Animal, Darkness

Holy Symbol: Black disc, with stylized teeth on one side in silver, appearing from both top and bottom.


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