Ethras is a wizarding city.

Size: Metropolis.

PCs from here

  • Amritsar (aka Alcadizzar of Ethras), probably others (I forget everyone’s origin stories).

The Ethrian Council

The Ethrian Council is the group of nine people who decide the laws of Ethras and generally run its business. Typically, people serving on the council are among the most powerful on the continent (read: character levels 15-20).

All citizens of Ethras with a certain amount of personal power can sit to choose the next council. They can choose any seat, but may only vote on one seat per election. Once a decade.

NB: Very few characters are straight-classed to 20th level, which makes finding high-level spellcasting difficult.

Seat names: Honor, Benevolence, Freedom, Justice, Balance, Entropy, Domination, Self-preservation, Destruction.

Ethras is less a “mage” or “wizard” city and more a “caster” city. Sort of. Maybe.

Fundamentally an oligarchy. ? Rule by casters? Magocracy?

As always, the gods play a crucial role in Ethras and the governance thereof. Even if not all council members are clerics or other divine casters, every one owes his/her allegiance to some particular deity. Lots of politics between the clerics of Corellon and Lolth. (Large elf population in the city at this time (300’s), and many more drow than in ’74.)

In the 300s

In the 300s century, give or take, the Council is as follows:

  • LG: Bijan Athear Silverson
  • NG: (a Pelorian or Ehlonna)
  • CG: (a Corellite; paladin 5/cleric 5/skylord 10)
  • LN: (follower of Wee Jas)
  • N: (of Boccob; an alchemist)
  • CN: (of Olidammara – doesn’t want to be there, but had a geas to make her show up)
  • LE: (follower of Tiamat), overthrown in favor of Maline (a follower of Hextor)
  • NE: (Nerullian)
  • CE: (Drow, of Lolth); a member in name only.

In the 800s to 900s

In the late 900s (though many are of long-lived races, so if they are re-elected, their presence might stretch back to the 800s):

The head of the Council (Qualis) sits at the head of the table, facing the door. His animal companion accompanies him.

On Qualis’s left, going in order towards the door, are Yon-Kor, Janna, Paolo, and Lyriel.

On his right, same, are Dirnakh, Crespin, Daria, and Vittar.

This group of people does manage to get things done, despite their differences in philosophy and religion.

Church structure

General church structure:

  • 1 person level 17-20; has a seat, or is a likely candidate for a seat. Generally not >10 levels in any casting class; lots of multiclass.
  • 1-3 people level 13-16: successors, supporters, deputies.
  • 5-10 people level 7-12: teachers, organizers, etc.
  • 25-50 people level 1-6: acolytes, novices, etc.

More or less for bigger or smaller churches. For instance, the church of Lastai probably has no more than 10 clergy in total. (And they all likely are based at The Peach.)

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