Distinguish from Ygranna. Alternate name form: Yvaine.

Druid and Swanmay. Human. Worships Ehlonna.

Wife of Bijan Athear Silverson, mother of Nuala.

Yvanna is a fairly powerful druid from the northern parts of Lark/Larkland (a fiefdom of the Razicecezodi), near the wilderness. Her superior sent her to the village to do what she could in the face of the dragon – mostly healing. While there, the village lottery picked another young woman (1/month?) for the dragon’s consumption, but unbeknownst to most of the rest of the village, she is pregnant. Her mother is a Swanmay; and Yvanna volunteers to take her place.

Is present at Bijan’s fight, invisible and in swan form, ready to carry news back should he fail. (With resurrection/reincarnation?) – Ring of Invisibility with a Wildling Clasp (stone?). Mantle of Wild Shape. Exalted feats (5 companions?).


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