Rolen Galanodel

Rolen “Redmoon” Galanodel

Rolen is a war-weary, disillusioned ​ex-soldier from Fela Thalor, the Grey Elf nation in Cuauhtla: he served with distinction in the Lights of Arvandor, an elite company of warriors and battle-casters. Though he aged rapidly compared to the elves around him, Rolen fought side-by-side with his fellows through many a long and bloody campaign, eventually rising to command the company. The Lights ended up being something of a magnet for martially-minded half-elves and other misfits.

​E​ventually the Matriarch of Fela Thalor passed away; when her daughter came to power, Fela Thalor’s policies toward centaurs, Middoni nomads, and all other “groundlings” soured dramatically; suddenly, despite decades of decorated service, Rolen’s human blood made him and his troopers persona non grata.​

There was no grand, horrific moment of betrayal: “The Redmoon” and his troops just ended up marginalized, spit upon, poorly resupplied, and committed to desperately-bad or near-suicidal actions time after time. He did his best to keeps his troops alive in spite of this, and won many a surprise victory as a result; but eventually the tide of his superiors’ disfavor proved too much for him, and his cohort was smashed to flinders in an unwinnable assault on a centaur encampment. Rolen was carried off on a panicked riding drake, and eventually washed away down a river, unconscious. When he awoke he found himself taken in by a kindly Middoni clan who nursed him back to health.

The ex-commander spent a few decades lying low, brooding over a lifetime of blood and death for a nation which discarded him and his brethren, before his former comrade Valorynn Sunscale found him out and persuaded him to seek new meaning. They adventured eastwards together, through Disaaba and the desert, over the mountains and into Southport, whose cosmopolitan roots were beginning to take hold.

Rolen entered into retirement after a few more years of adventuring, most notably a handful of well-known exploits with Aranar Firefoot as well as having been involved somewhat reluctantly in the creation of the Redmoons of Southport.

Rolen Galanodel

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