Painted Men

The Painted Men are an offshoot of the tattooed monks (see: Morinea) who turned to mercenary practices.

  • Supernatural Tattoos
  • Code of conduct: lawful neutral, the mission always comes first
  • Mercenary
  • Gender: Undecided. Possibly the male balance to Swanmay. (Literary references ahoy!)

Some levels: Tattoo
Some levels: Vow-equivalent bonus feats (for LN)
(A few levels blank, probably)

Full BAB, strong Fort, weak Ref/Will.


  • Lawful Vow: +2 (perfection?) bonus on Concentration
  • Vow of Obedience: +4 saves vs. charm/compulsion
  • Vow of Chastity: +4 saves vs…I forget what.

The character is bound by the code before he gains the benefit.


  • Lawful neutral
  • BAB +5
  • Improved Unarmed Strike
  • Weapon Focus in a weapon which would benefit the band, or Craft Magic Arms And Armor
  • Initiation

Maybe these guys are what Sidhe Dubh was about?

1: Code, tattoo (drawn from same list as Tattooed Monks)
2: Lawful Vow
3: –
4: Tattoo
5: Vow of Obedience
6: –
7: Tattoo
8: Vow of Chastity (okay, really? I forget why I picked this one…maybe Supreme Devotion proven to the band or something?)
9: -
10: Tattoo

Painted Men

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