Middoni is the common moniker of a hilly range between the Disaaba river plain and Cuauhtla, where a few nomadic clans (also called The Middoni) eke out a humble but honest existence and most definitely never stoop to any sort of raiding or banditry toward either the elves or the Disaabans, of course not, don’t be absurd.

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The Middoni are nomadic humans, in the hills and steppes (also think Rohan but not sedentary); very horse-focused. One of the tribes became centaurs (cf. Setanta/Sainglead?) and were outcast into the northeast (Fela Thalor and Cuauhtla – Gallup, Climb, Fly), where they maintain clearings and well-curated pathways (no branches low enough to strike a moving centaur) on the lowest level of the forest.

Dominic of the Middoni was a historic figure who decided to unite the tribes (at least a little bit of the time) by creating the Free Market — a period of feasting and trade every sun feast (solstices and equinoxes). Like the rest of the plain, there aren’t enough resources in the area of the Free Market to support a permanent settlement, but there are stone walls (created by Dominic in the past) outlining the area (1 mile in radius) and defining the location of the Market. (Later Middoni have augmented the walls; watch towers have been added, but no defensive fortifications.)

After a long career as an adventurer, Dominic retired, but despaired of his people’s constant feuds, and wished to provide a place/context for them to meet peacefully, all together.

The week before and the week after the sun feasts are sacred times, when all feuds are held in abeyance.

Dominic was a cleric of the Earth Mother.


Middonic religion is deifically uncomplicated: the Sky Father and the Earth Mother. (The Sky Father is easily transformed into Pelor, when the missionaries come later; the Earth Mother is more complicated, but eventually subsumes into the cult of Aurora, cf. the BVM IRL).

Sky Father: Air, Fire, War, Animal
Earth Mother: Earth, Water, Healing, Plant

Myth: They took human lovers who became the Middoni.

Reality: They rescued an orphanage on a dying plane (cf. Leibowitz) and brought them to Varn, teaching them to be self-sufficient; generations of oral tradition combined with the short lives of humans to turn them into chthonic deities. Neither one ever had biological children, but they loved each other very much, as well as their adopted family.

There is no adversary deity; just humans, with human foibles.


Each tribe has a particular animal as its symbol.

1. Horse (these became the centaurs, and were cast out)
2. Wolf
3. Lion
4. Eagle
5. Owl
6. Bear

Etc. (7. Owlbear?)


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