Juniper has gone through a lot of variations over the years. Here’s one where she’s a Cleric 5, Master of Radiance 5, Sanctified One 5.

Maybe at some point she’d be a PC instead? I’m not sure which campaign she’d be an NPC in, and she doesn’t have a set “home” exactly in Varn. But since she’s highly unlikely to be adversarial to the PCs, I’m just putting her stats up here in public.

(Hmm, character sheets not so helpful…sticking in here for now.)

BAB: 3/3/+3 == +9 total (from the 3 classes)

Spells (caster level 5+4+2) == total 11 (at 15th level)
Turn Undead

Radiant aura 3/day
Turn undead
Searing light/beam of sunlight
+4 CL for spells (full)
Class skills

Sanctified ability x3
Sanc. blessing
+2 CL for spells

Sanctified Abilities (choose three):

  • Light of Life: Make self an altar, with Consecrate effect.
  • Nature’s Mount: 1/day summon unicorn or griffin for 1 hr
  • Nature’s Holding: 1/day, Rope Trick in a natural setting
  • Nature’s Bounty: 1/day Heroes’ Feast
    (Maybe others and these were the ones I was looking at?)

Blessing: 1/day, immediate action, gain fast healing 5 for 10 rounds. (From L5 of Sanctified One of Ehlonna.)

“Assembly of Balance” — Complete Champion, page 8.

OHHH, right! It’s a god-specific class, and in this case, it’s Ehlonna. Got it!

And while I’m posting links:

Anyway, her spellcasting is pretty weak, but things like Sunbeam probably help make up for that. And DAT FAST HEALING, guh.


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