Divine Legions of Pelor

The Divine Legions of Pelor are the special forces of the army of Verano during the 800s/900s timeframe. By this point, Verano is entirely a theocracy run by the Church of Pelor; other religions are not officially persecuted, but the country is not a welcoming place to them. The DLOP exist in part as a hedge against threats from outside the homeland, but also as a force to counter localized problems (a role sometimes filled by adventuring parties).

The DLOP has a number of sub-sections:

  • The Hunters of the Dead
  • The Sun Blades
  • Infinite damage soakers (they will need a clever name) – Cleric + Pal with Shield Other, Invisibility, and that Reserve feat for healing. (Perhaps also some Vigor spells?) High CON scores too, of course. Probably the Paladin has no spellcasting at all.
  • Antimagic clerics in full plate
  • More to come!

All members of the DLOP are humans.

Divine Legions of Pelor

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