Small town on the border of Verano and the mountains to the east. Largely fortified/military, with some agriculture.

Capital of Payvind. Grows red grapes; has a small aurorum mine.

The north/south and east/west roads both run through Dawnguard.

For layout/flavor, it is similar to “Blackwall” in Cityscape. It has mandatory/universal military service for a few years. Early on, there is some teleportation (a small backwater Wayfarer’s Union station). However, after the Flameborne Apocalypse, terrestrial access becomes vital (cf. the later orc invasions before Arthur’s reign), so roads become more important, and Dawnguard’s importance increased (and Cobblestone Jack eventually gets his own temple in the city, rather than just a shrine).

Dawnguard also instituted a program encouraging very fast people (cf. duskling barbarians from Domhara) to immigrate – sort of like a Foreign Legion, but as message-bearers. (See Items of Legacy and the Rod of Trimeg – an old item that might become more relevant later on.)


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