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  • raptoran

    A race of birdlike humanoids. Sourcebook: Races of the Wild. Found in [[Falcon's Cry]] in [[Tara]]; possibly other places.


    Races of the Wild - "stub page":http://dndtools.eu/races/races-of-the-wild--84/raptoran--16/ on DND Tools

  • illumian

    *Illumians* (Races of Destiny) were present at [[Genesis]], but are not a playable character race during the "modern era" of the game (300's on, when most campaigns will be taking place). If a player wants to play an illumian PC, a suitable Word Made …

  • skarn

    A race of humanoids in [[Disaaba]]. Generally these are the nobles. (Magic of Incarnum)

  • rilkan

    A race of humanoids in [[Disaaba]]. Generally these are the middle-class and commoners. (Magic of Incarnum)

  • dwarf

    The dwarves! The three main cities of dwarvendom on Varn are [[Stonebarrow]], [[Diamondhome]], and [[Auramont]]. h3. Stonebarrow Lawful Good, some LN. Standard PHB dwarves, lots of clerics and fighters and such. Moradin/Odin worship. h3. …

  • Elf

    Elves on Varn are found primarily in two places: [[Verano]], in the reservation-like province and city of [[Caras Eberlon]] (high elves), and in the far eastern regions (no names yet), where most of the population is grey elves. Other populations …

  • human

    Humans are everywhere. They're sort of the default, I guess. Primary race of [[Verano]] and [[Tara]], though not exclusively so.

  • halfling

    Halflings live in [[Verano]] and the [[Great Desert]], in their typical nomad fashion. They worship both Yondalla and Dallah Thaun (?), with characteristic non-discussion of the latter. (In this world, she's called [[Nemoia]], and the desert halflings …

  • half-elf

    Half-elves on Varn are largely the Occasional Outsiders described in the PHB and Races of Destiny; the only place that has them as a majority is [[Southport]], a city of [[Verano]] founded by an outcast champion (Races of Destiny) and similar half-elf …

  • Goliath

    *Goliaths* are a humanoid/giantish race that lives in the northern parts of Varn. They are nomadic. (Races of Stone) Not much in the way of wizards/scrolls/etc. Do store food and settle more permanently in teh winter (around the solstice?) when it's …

  • kobold

    As in many D&D games, kobolds play a significant role on Varn; however, here, they are different. Somewhat after the Cup of Yondalla quest in 75 [[Timeline|AUC]], a young, ambitious kobold named [[Isk Miirik]] gathers her people and occupies an …