Zombie Attack

My idea with this campaign is to recreate some of the feeling of a zombie movie, but with D&D. As such, the PCs would be level 1.

The PCs are affiliated with a temple (such as Pelor, Ehlonna, Tamara, or similar Sun/Healing church). They wouldn’t necessarily need to be all from the same temple, as these religions tend to be friendly to one another. A distress call has come in from a remote village: zombies are attacking! The Church sends a team of Level 1 PCs to take care of the problem and gain XP valuable experience battling the undead.

This would likely take place in the southeastern part of Dryad’s Call, near the border with Stormcrow.

Obviously, I’m thinking clerics/paladins here, but you can definitely play other things – just remember that at 1st level, your options are going to be limited. Alchemy (and potions/oils) will be your friend.

Zombie Attack

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