Ruby dragon, claimed by clan Razicecezodi. More here later.

Her egg was found by Desc and party in 372, and she hatched in 375. However, the Razicecezodi elders decreed that she would be raised by Colin Vhir-Razicecezodi and Tevya Marazarion, whose sedentary lifestyle was more conducive to raising a young dragon than Desc’s adventuring lifestyle.

She is (to be?) betrothed to Desc’s adopted son.

Life timeline

Hatches in 375.
Reaches Young Adult age in 426. Marriage is formalized then, and she hatches the couple’s first clutch of eggs in 433. (Result: 5 eggs.)
Reaches Adult age in 476.
Travels to the domains of Intayamon in 482 to broker a trade agreement on behalf of her House (the House of Desc).
Lays a second clutch of eggs in 483.
The eggs hatch into full dragons (not half-dragons) in 485. (135/540) Some are blue and some are red. (Result: 3 eggs. 2 red, 1 blue.) All turn out to be gem dragons.
Lays third clutch of eggs in 524. (Result: 2 eggs.) Result: two half-dragons with a mix of features between Red and Ruby.

Working back from Vaeri’s timeline, Desc’s adopted son should be born somewhere between 380-405.


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