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Year 0: Genesis occurs. This is the first date usable for Varn itself.

The time period between Genesis and the Year of the Hunt is known as the Age of Myths.

After Genesis, three main year measures are used: (1) Year of the Hunt (1139 G == 0 YoH), (2) Year of the Tarrasque (2183G == 0 YoT), and Ab Urbe Condita (3264G == 0 AUC).

List of events:

Years YoH

No historical events here yet.

The time period from Year of the Hunt to Year of the Tarrasque is known as the Age of Legends.

Years YoT

Pre-Sunburg era

Geriatric Theatrics takes place 20 PUC, or in 1061 YoT. Aranar Firefoot would have been born 924 YoT (she was 137 at the time of that game). (?)

Years AUC



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  • 503:
    • Midsummer: Arthur has his vision (the Regalia fall from the sky)
    • Party begins the first quest — for the Orb
  • 504:
    • Orb quest completed
    • Sceptre quest completed
  • Third quest (for the Crown): either 505 or 514, depending on what the party (the IRL humans) chooses.


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