The Robe and Crown

The last adventure. (For this party, that I’ll be running, anyway.)

Several years have passed since the party retrieved the Orb and the Sceptre for King Arthur. They have searched high and low, ever vigilant, ever loyal, to no effect. Many of their fellows have perished. The Crown remains elusive.

A month before the Winter Solstice, they get a lead: villagers in the Ravenswood talk of dark doings, of peasants disappearing from their beds, of an evil greater than men that walks the world. But the whispers also tell of great wonders: the sick are healed, the lame walk – and all with nary a cleric to be seen in the town. The whispers lead to the small fishing town of Bywater, where the watermen ply their trade and all seems, at first glance, to be well…

Level 12. Same characters, or option of a new one (still exalted) if you want a change and a tearjerker endstory for the first one.

The Robe and Crown

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