The Magnificent Number

This is a general page for a one-shot adventure in the tradition of the Seven Samurai/Magnificent Seven/Wolves of the Calla.

PC list

  • Grim Bluebeard, Glacier Dwarf Cleric of the Midnight Howl (Eric). Tier: 1
  • Azurin incarnate warblade (Greg). Tier: 3
  • Edric, Drow sorcerer (Cassandra). Tier: 2
  • Bastard Gauth, Goliath Warblade (Gramm). Tier: 3
  • Something martial, possibly rogue? (Jen). Tier: 4? – I forget if Jen played in this game or not.
  • Possibly barbarian (Rachel). Tier: 4?
  • Gnome? (Tom). Tier: ?
  • (Dawn). Tier: ?

Sarah did not play.


A peasant village in a remote northern region of Tara has sent a representative to the nearest metropolitan area (probably no more than a tradepost/crossroads town), to beg for aid in defending against bandits who are raiding their village. The villagers have nothing to offer the warriors but food, glory, and the XP and treasure-gaining potential involved in defeating a bandit horde.

For a feel of what the surrounding area looks like, watch Mongol. Very cold steppes, essentially; most of the local population is hunter-gatherers, but some outposts (like this village) have decided to try to make their way with settled agriculture. Unfortunately, this has also made them a target for a roving gang of bandits.

The village is located somewhere in the northern reaches of either Northern Dragon or Dryad’s Call; it’s so deep into the wilderness that it’s a stretch calling it part of either kingdom, but still.

PC Background Information

Level: 8
Treasure: Standard
Alignment: Any but CN or CE. (Standard disclaimer: PLAY WELL WITH THE OTHER PCs.) Relatedly, make sure your character has a reason to be fighting in a conflict where the only reward is food and XP and bandit-loot. I think you guys are pretty good with things like this, but still, reminder.
Standard Varn universe applies: no warlocks, no warmages, no on-the-quest Leadership cohorts, etc. Fancy pets are fine.
Year: Around 480 AUC. So, it is after the Dibs/etc. storyline, but before the Taliesin/etc. storyline. See also: Timeline. For context, I think Perrin was born around 485 or 490.
Splatbooks: IDK, whatever. Pay special note to Frostburn. NO SAVAGE SPECIES.
Edit: Psionics only from the SRD. See also Disaaba, the only psychic nation. No nomad powers for PCs.
Ability generation: 30-point standard pointbuy.
As always, you have 10% of the XP to your next level (so, 800 XP) to spend on item creation, level adjustment buyback, or whatever. (I don’t follow those things really, but I trust you guys to figure it out without shepherding.)


Most likely, the party would have a Kambei figure, who hears the peasant’s appeal (in a tavern?) in the closest trading post, and gathers his/her companions into a fighting force. The bandits would have come sometime around May, but realizing they have little to gain at this time, they decide to come back after the harvest, which is typically during the month of September.

The Foes

A horde of humanoid bandits. The villagers don’t know if they’re nomads or have some sort of base of operations.

The Location

A small village (~30 inhabitants), with a handful of cottages/buildings, some outlying farms. A small spring/creek supplies them with water; some of the more distant farms have wells. (Scale/distance to come.) Buildings typically made of peat or stone. There is a “tree claim,” but the trees there are not mature enough to use for building houses. (The villagers have been there about ten years.)

Village is approximately 100 miles, or just over 3 days of travel (at 3 mph for 10 hours a day) north of the nearest population center (a crossroads merchant town). Well…more or less. Basically: travel times will vary; but 100 miles → 3-4 days, anyway. Less with a horse, more with any sort of baggage.

  • Mayor + Merchant (2x Aristocrat 5), + Child (Commoner 1). (Tiers not listed for Aristocrat, Expert, Commoner: Tier 6)
  • Amathera, Cleric of Domhara (Cleric 5). Tier: 1
  • Gleaner 5 + Apprentice (Gleaner 3)
  • Adept 5 + Apprentice (Adept 3). Tier: 4
  • Blacksmith (Expert 5) }
  • Carpenter (Expert 5) } + 2 children (Commoner 1)
  • 10x Farmer (Commoner 5), plus children (30x, various distributions, all Commoner 1)

Total population: 19 adults, 33 children (under 18; five are old enough to take up arms if trained)

The Magnificent Number

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