The Lost Hippogriffs of Baron Lionheart

Lost Hippogriffs (Labor Day 2015, year 482 AUC) was a campaign in which the party was commissioned to recover various exotic beasts that escaped from their menagerie during some… recent unpleasantness between the Baron Lionheart and his enemies, which had since been set aright.

Instead of doing so, they returned SOME of the creatures, ousted his house wizard, befriended his daughter, showed her the truth about her father’s evil, and helped her overthrow him and take the throne herself, with tacit approval from the king of Verano.

All in a good day’s work.

The original concept was loosely based on this story from the real world. Perhaps “inspired by” would be a better term.

PC list

  • (Name?) (Cassandra – Elf-like character…Fey-ri, maybe? A paladin with a unicorn, anyway.)
  • Killdozer (Greg) – half-minotaur warblade
  • Danielle (Gramm) – dread witch
  • Saraneth (Rachel) – ranger from Isla Pura. Puma named Kibeth.
  • Amira Ethras (Dawn) – magical girl warlock
  • Scarafandra (Sarah) – jester/tumbler
  • Astor (Eric) – monk from Isla Pura


  1. Cash money wads
  2. Designated a Friend of the Barony by Jacinta. (Actual mechanics of what this means are yet to be worked out, but it’s at least stuff like “free inn room and a beer when you’re out traveling.”)
  3. One ring of Feather Fall, discovered by a corollax (“Fetch”). Small, tarnished silver ring. (I think it was picked up by Killdozer?)
  4. Corollax and/or hippogriff, if/as desired by party member


This would be a fairly straightforward quest, suitable to a one-shot.

PC alignment could be basically anything – these are bounty hunters, and your business is your own. Plus I don’t imagine this would be a long-running series of quests (unless that ends up happening), so the PVP that inevitably seems to occur in evil campaigns wouldn’t be an issue.

Still D&D 3.5.

**New: Level 12. (Change from yesterday – there’s talk of interesting templates, and I want to encourage that. Yay, experimentation!)

Potentially useful sourcebooks: Races of Destiny, probably Cityscape. And hey, what the hell, if you want to play Savage Species this game, that’s fine.

Year: 482. So that’s the same era as The Magnificent Number, so you won’t really be able to play the same character as then.

However, if you want to pull background from another arc (especially the long epic arc), that’s awesome. We’ve already got noises about the House of Desc and the Midnight Chorus.

Zoo Manifest

  1. War Hippogriffs (20) – herd leader named Silverblaze – Returned to improved conditions
  2. Large Shocker Lizards (20) – handwaved
  3. Giant Wasps (20) – killed after fucking the PC’s up some.
  4. Guulvorg (2) (MMV) – Rumors of their demise are somewhat understated.
  5. Corollax Flock (20) (MMII) – Singing the song of the Siege Crab.
  6. Siege Crab (1) (MMIII) – Siege Crab, swimming in the ocean. Causing a commotion.
  7. Mastodons (2) (MMIII) – handwaved
  8. Gem scarabs (20) – handwaved
  9. Prismatic Roper (1) – killed but rezzed, oops
  10. Huxleia, half-brass-dragon dragonne – Liberated

Zoo manifest under Baroness Jacinta

  1. War Hippogriffs – Reaffirmed to be in the service of the King, through his vassal Jacinta. Placed in a better-appointed holding area, with more opportunities for hunting and exercise.
  2. Shocker Lizards – returned (?), breeding controlled (possibly all neutered) no further experimentation permitted.
  3. Corollax flock – growing well!
  4. Siege Crab – returned (?), or at least not out in the wild anymore.
  5. Mastodons – returned
  6. Gem scarabs – returned, but no more experimentation.
  7. Prismatic Roper – undergoing the process of Sanctification


“Small, excitable carrots.” (parrots)

“Couldn’t find your birds. Sorry. We got you BBQ, though!”

“Bird cart, bird cart, fill it up with corollax. Bird cart, bird cart, tell the birdy to relax.”

“Siege crab, siege crab, living in the ocean. Siege crab, siege crab, causing a commotion. Siege crab, siege crab, with a coral circlet. Siege crab, siege crab, …”

“I don’t care about your cone effects. …Wait, are they Will saves? AAAHHH, I care about your cone effects!”

“Much beef to the face.”

“Nicely done, Killdozer.”

Theme song: Narwhals. (Danielle rolled exceedingly well on her Bardic Knowledge check about the siege crab, which led to saying “Okay, you remember a song about siege crabs that nobody else knows.”

“I am killing wasps until I run out of wasps.”

“Happy birthday to the GROUND. I got you a wasp!”

Possible Elvish name of Killdozer: “Niman Maihal,” Deep-maker of pale death. (That’s the closest translation to “killdozer” I could find, anyway.)

The Lost Hippogriffs of Baron Lionheart

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