Epic Party One

“Epic Party One” is the name I’ve chosen to give the party of long-running PCs (and a few short ones!) that we did annual one-shots with for a while. This was a really great party, and I enjoyed playing with you all!


Fetch the Sceptre

In which the party goes to retrieve a powerful necromantic sceptre from a powerful necromancer…maybe!

Party members:

Flameborne Apocalypse

In which members of the Cult of Ashardalon (Garyx) destroy all the Wayfarers’ Unions on Varn, provoking a crisis of teleportation.

Party members:

Shadow and Flame

In which the party attempts to rescue a silver dragon architect (Ben Iris) held captive by a balor (and retrieve the Silver Orb of Dragonkind in the process).

Party members:

Orb Quest

Link: Orb Quest – in which the party attempts to destroy all known Orbs of Dragonkind.

Party members:

Cassandra was co-DM. T’nebrae was a MacGuffin NPC. We also had an extra NPC cleric (Noqrayi) so that splitting the party resulted in one healer per group.

Falls the Shadow

In which the party brings down Anharaxat, an avatar of Ashardalon/Garyx and a great force of evil in the world. (Also the mastermind behind the Flameborne Apocalypse.)

Cassandra was co-DM for this one as well; Ilya hung around as a miscellaneous helpful NPC.

Epic Party One

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