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The Cup of Yondalla

Four artifacts are needed for a great working:

  • The Cup of Life (Yondalla)
  • The Wand of Knowledge (Wee Jas)
  • The Sword of Light (Pelor)
  • The Fruit of Wisdom (Ehlonna)

Who wants the party to get these items? And why? Why these adventurers, at a level such as they are?

~between the mountain and the sea~

There is an occasional green-dragon influx into the woods – a nest is laid, or some such.

First: the cup is stolen (by whom?) from a temple of Yondalla. The party is not told of the cup’s properties, just asked to retrieve it.

Then – an Ethras person (friend of clerics?) learns how good they were at retrieving the cup, and asks them to retrieve this wand:

“Well, we don’t really know what it does.” “No, we don’t know where it is kept.” “Yes, it is sacred to Wee Jas.” “We don’t know why we need it, the oracle just told us so.” “The oracle? Oh yeah, she lives in the mountains northeast of here. She knows things.”

“The problem is, nature doesn’t talk back.” “Ah, but what if it did?” Hezekiah Moonbeam

They need the wand because, in the right hands (high-level cleric/wizard/MT? of Wee Jas), it bolsters the magic-using abilities of all the wielder’s allies; and a war is coming…

They – they need this Sword of Light – something to defend the city with – somewhat like the sword in the stone. The sword is needed for the infant prince – so he can grow up wielding it? Very prophetic. It is a treasure of the realm.

The sword is found in a dungeon, but the room itself is open to the sky (in a mountain cleft). The dwarves made these caverns, but have since dwindled and don’t live in this part of the mountains anymore.

NPC intelligent item – based on The Luggage. Protecting the Cup.

Small ruby dragon protecting the wand. (Now, we never said what era this was all going to take place…very interesting. I guess this was me foreseeing Vaeri, haha?)

A twin to Picket? Dark twin, light twin, even if both are true neutral…to light a candle is to cast a shadow.

Surveying the Northlands I
Day 1 of a most excellent adventure

The party sets off from Larkland Manor, home of Lord Tristram Razicecezodi and his wizard wife Sabra.

Lady Sabra provides the party with two scrolls of Identify and miscellaneous traveling supplies. (OC: These are intended to cover those “oh shoot, I meant to pack X” moments that come up while adventuring. Like Bilbo and his pocket-handkerchiefs.)

They travel north for a day, and wind up in a small unnamed town for the night. (“What’s the name of the town?” “….Shit.”)

Two inns are available: a Common inn, the Drunken Platypus, and a Middle-Class inn, the Velvet Glove. Eliro tries to convince Naiem† that she will be more comfortable in the richer spot, but to no avail.

† Fun fact: I originally wrote her character’s name as Naiern but due to a kerning error she read it as Naiem, and liked that pronunciation better, so here we are!

The atmosphere is generally grouchy; a young man is playing an out-of-tune guitar badly. Geillis (pronounced like “guileless”) walks up to the owner and offers to play her harp; the owner (Maria) is very glad of this, and yells “Jeremy! Get down from there and go muck out the stables!” The origin of the town’s name (“….Shit”) is further speculated upon.

Geillis’s performance is wildly successful, and she earns lots of tips. The barmaid (the inn’s third employee) shyly brings her a silken handkerchief that a patron had left some months prior. “I saved it because it was so beautiful, and your song was so beautiful, so….here.”

Meanwhile, Adanac is running three-card monty in the corner with Ansaethos looking on, but he doesn’t cheat anybody; a very modest profit is had.

Eliro, Naiem, and Eglath sit at a table together and enjoy the music; Eglath’s uncomfortable position in human-sized chairs means that he doesn’t notice that an urchin has robbed him of one GP. (The thief was likely just a thrill-seeker, rather than a bona fide robber, and probably picked him because he was so big and intimidating.)

Rooms are obtained. Eliro pays for Naiem to have her own room, with Ansaethos as a chaperone. Geillis and Adanac share a bed (there is plenty of distance between them, due to relative sizes and disinclination!), and Eliro sleeps on the floor; Eglath chooses to sleep outside in the fine September weather, so that he can watch the stars. During the night, Naiem wakes in her room and finds that Ansaethos is sleeping sitting up in a corner. Naiem quietly leaves the bed and sits next to Ansaethos, spreading a wing over her to keep her from getting cold.

Morning comes.

Surveying the Northlands II
Day 2: Bears and Kazoos

The party sets out from the Drunken Platypus, after settling up with the owner (Maria). They head north, according to the directions given by Lady Razicecezodi; several party members have excellent senses of direction, so nobody gets lost.

After a time, the path bends towards a wooded area. Adanac immediately starts walking not-on-the-path, because this is his favorite milieu. The other characters stay on the path, in varying states of awareness. (Geillis is in “I have feet!” mode, for sure!)

Suddenly, Ansaethos stops dead in the path; her companion (who was it? I forget!) continues blithely walking past her, until she puts a hand on their shoulder to stop them. She has spotted two baby bear cubs, playing happily on the path about 50’ ahead of them…and where there are cubs…

Ansaethos locates the mother bear, and attempts to calm her down using Wild Empathy. She succeeds partially.

Adanac is also in “I Have Feet” mode, but after being alerted by Ansaethos, he decides to try to use his gnomish ability to communicate with Woodland Creatures plus his natural charm to get her to calm down and not perceive the party as a threat. Unfortunately, his natural charm is…limited, and he mis-speaks. Instead of saying “We are NOT here for you or your cubs,” he says “We are here for you OR your cubs.” The bear grows anxious again.

Thinking fast, Naiem (right?) throws a slingstone off into the forest, where the baby bears happily scamper over to investigate this New and Exciting Sound. Adanac redeems himself by casting a Ghost Sound of a distressed cub to come from that same direction, and the mother bear huffs off, no longer perceiving the party as the primary threat. Everyone books it out of there.

Geillis decides that in order to ward off further wild animals, she should loudly sing a song all the rest of the trip through the forest. It works! No more wild animals!

(pausing here, but Farmhouse also belongs in this post.)


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