Varn Campaign World

The Cup of Yondalla

Four artifacts are needed for a great working:

  • The Cup of Life (Yondalla)
  • The Wand of Knowledge (Wee Jas)
  • The Sword of Light (Pelor)
  • The Fruit of Wisdom (Ehlonna)

Who wants the party to get these items? And why? Why these adventurers, at a level such as they are?

~between the mountain and the sea~

There is an occasional green-dragon influx into the woods – a nest is laid, or some such.

First: the cup is stolen (by whom?) from a temple of Yondalla. The party is not told of the cup’s properties, just asked to retrieve it.

Then – an Ethras person (friend of clerics?) learns how good they were at retrieving the cup, and asks them to retrieve this wand:

“Well, we don’t really know what it does.” “No, we don’t know where it is kept.” “Yes, it is sacred to Wee Jas.” “We don’t know why we need it, the oracle just told us so.” “The oracle? Oh yeah, she lives in the mountains northeast of here. She knows things.”

“The problem is, nature doesn’t talk back.” “Ah, but what if it did?” Hezekiah Moonbeam

They need the wand because, in the right hands (high-level cleric/wizard/MT? of Wee Jas), it bolsters the magic-using abilities of all the wielder’s allies; and a war is coming…

They – they need this Sword of Light – something to defend the city with – somewhat like the sword in the stone. The sword is needed for the infant prince – so he can grow up wielding it? Very prophetic. It is a treasure of the realm.

The sword is found in a dungeon, but the room itself is open to the sky (in a mountain cleft). The dwarves made these caverns, but have since dwindled and don’t live in this part of the mountains anymore.

NPC intelligent item – based on The Luggage. Protecting the Cup.

Small ruby dragon protecting the wand. (Now, we never said what era this was all going to take place…very interesting. I guess this was me foreseeing Vaeri, haha?)

A twin to Picket? Dark twin, light twin, even if both are true neutral…to light a candle is to cast a shadow.

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